Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love who you are, where you are

Ahhh, it has been a long time since I have been here. Life gets busy and sometimes if you don't pay attention life gets away from you. I have come back to my love of helping people get well. Guiding people on their journey to better health, stronger bodies, quieter minds and happier lives. It is what I do best and what I love most. Since I have been gone I have also grown in many ways: I have added more tools to my bag - knowledge is power and I love to learn! I have spent a lot of time these past 2 years working as a health advocate for the community. Working closely with a team of doctors, therapists and support staff was a great adventure. I gained so much and now have more to give because of it. I have removed some unnecessary items from my life - stuff has a way of piling up! Self inventory is always a great practice that I get a lot out of. Meditating on items, people and patterns, how they affect me - good or bad and deciding if they are something to hold on to or let go of. All things in life have a season, knowing when a season has changed is important. I have grown in my faith in God - and this has made all the difference! Searching for answers is a never ending process, there will always be new questions to ask. Knowing that all things come back to the same beginning helps me to trust even when I don't yet have the answers. Trusting that all things work together for my good. This all helps me to be a more effective advocate for the people in my life, whether they be personal or professional relationships. In every interaction there is always an exchange of energy - we bring one another up or down. Our focus should be reaching out to build up those we see struggling just as equally as we reach out for support and guidance when we struggle ourselves. Life is meant to be lived in love - this does not mean that trials will not pass our way. It means that love will overcome trials if we allow it to. Love yourself - who you are, where you are. Love one another - in all things. It is not always easy but it is always worth it.