Friday, November 21, 2014

Be present for every moment, take pressure off the perfect ones.

At the beginning of every session we start by clearing the mind of unneccessary thoughts - the ones that do not serve us well, they get played over and over with no resolve, cause stress and negativity; let that all go... Breathe in and feel light traveling into all your spaces, breathe out and let go of darkness, breathe in an and take stock of your physical being, breathe out feel yourself relax deeper, breathe in and be at peace with your emotional, spiritual, physical self, breathe out become settled in this place at this time - nothing else matters. It sets us up for a wonderful experience, all things come together and we are focused, connected, in tune with ourselves and the universe. Why do we wait for a designated time to allow this to happen? Why is this peace reserved for only an hour of our day? Shouldn't we want this all the time, every hour, every breath? YES! But we don't. We move through daily life rushing from one task to the next, allowing our minds to play back an endless loop of 'to-dos', stress and negativity. Never fully appreciating one moment from the next, arriving at our next stop before we fully realize we left the last one. It is easy to get caught up in the mindless activities of living - home, work, meals, commute can all become routine. We find ourselves looking forward to the next big thing on the horizon - a party, a trip, a date night...and we build it up for perfection. We go through the motions of daily life anticipating that big thing and allowing all the little things to pass us by. Life is not meant to be lived waiting for the perfect moments, the big things - it is comprised of the imperfect moments and all the little things that make us who we are. These are the things that count, these are the moments we live for - the hugs heading out to the school bus, the sighs over muddy paw prints, the laughter over a cup of tea. Big things come once in a while, let not the little things slip past. At the end of every session we close by once again quieting the mind, noting the small shifts in who we are now from when we began and we appreciate those shifts. Many clients tell me how nice it would be if they could feel this way every day and I let them know the good news - You can! You don't need me to make this happen. You simply need to take a moment, take a breath and be present. Next time the alarm goes off in the morning, before jumping out of bed and into the day - take a moment. Breathe into every space of your body, wake it all up, feel more alive with each breath in and more grounded, preparing for your day with each breath out. Don't let that moment pass you by. Next time you find yourself aggravated in line at the coffee shop, grocery store, traffic, wherever - take a moment. Breathe in and feel light, breath out and let go, breath in peace for yourself, breathe out peace to everyone around you. Next time things don't go perfectly - take a moment. Breathe in all the wonderful blessings in your life, breathe out frustration at the current situation, breathe in grace and kindness, breathe out unmet expectations. The more we practice presence in every moment the more we notice perfection in every moment. Sure, I love big things when they come along; but I live for the little things that are completely unscripted, unplanned, and chaotice that make life worth living and full of love.

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