Monday, March 1, 2010

Loving Kindness

I would like to state the the cd from Dacher's book Integral Health is poorly recorded and I am not a fan of the narrator's voice or tone - it is the opposite of relaxing and encouraging in my ears. Either way... I went on to youtube and found one that was more comfortable for me: (I could not paste the url, I searched Loving Kindness Meditation and found Metta Meditation (Universal Loving Kindness) from yogayak. (It was a little Buddhist-y, but the intention is the same).
One thing that came to mind the first time I was using the Loving Kindness meditation was the phrase that most of us associate with the Statue of Liberty, it was taken from a poem The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus. The phrase I am referring to is "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...". This came to mind as I was expanding the circle of people that I was meditating on. As I breathe in I take away their pain, illness and struggles to be dissolved in my own heart and sending the individual wholeness, health and happiness.
I believe that this world offers an abundance of health and happiness and wholeness, there is enough to go around for everyone and there is no need to hoard it for oneself. Give it away and it will be returned to you in multiple. I also believe that there is a lot of suffering and we have an opportunity to send out positive healing energy and ease some of this suffering.
As I continued to practice this twice daily I found that it is easier to focus my thought and energy on the people I am sending loving kindness to, I also found that my circle is continuously growing - I began with my husband and my children and then worked through several more members of my family, my groups expanded from my children's scout groups to school, from life groups to church and it continues to grow.
I am left wondering 'What if everyone practiced this just once a week, what a huge and positive impact that would have on the world'!


  1. Hi Catie, thankyou for the info on youtube...I often say the same thing to myself and my husband, "if only everyone could practice loving kindness in their life just a few times", what it brings back is so amazing to everyone involved and then grows to everyone. Just like "meaness" and "negativeness" is a disease that spreads....kindness and love is as well but of course, not as a disease, but as a cure. I love your music and what your saying :) Thankyou

  2. Dear Catie,
    My children are enjoying some of your music. I am enjoying all of your positive influence. I don't know how I am going to get it all soaked in at this time because of my husband's negativity. He is very sick and in a lot of pain. His good things in life don't seem to outweigh the ones that hurt and are bad. I don't have one minute of peace to enjoy, and can't seem to find a way to settle down from all of the constant trauma. He is a good man and means well, but finds the bad in everything. We can't talk about anything but bad and the worst in everything. Believe it or not, I have always tried to see the bright side of "most" everything, but it is hard to do especially when something is working on his central nervous system and making him a mad man. Please put me in your circle. I wish he would open his mind to things, but it seems all that he thinks about is the dissapointment from the children on a daily basis. I am trying very hard to find time and space to do some meditation of my own and spread the good news from my loving kindness.

  3. AS i came to your page and heard music i was so excited :)

    Good choices in music.

    I guesss with practices you learn to become more relaxed and more focused on enegery it will only get better as you keep practicing.

  4. Catie
    You have good taste for relaxing the mind and I truly enjoy the music. Maybe they need to let you choose the music for us to relax. Keep up the good work with your yoga. I need to learn about during yoga.

  5. Hello Catie,
    I believe that in this world when we are positive and keep ourselves in a positive environment we can transfer this in the environment. There is definetly to much negative and pain in this world.
    Keep up the yoga it helps to relax us.

  6. unit 4..i thought this was a pretty ok relaxing type of cd but for me personally it just takes to long at this point for me to get into this type of thing right now. it seems as though you have a really neat outlook on things and it seems as though you will work wonders with your patients, or clients in the future.