Monday, February 22, 2010

Relaxation Meditation

The Crime of the Century...why was it entitled this?? I found no reference to either crime or centuries in the meditation.
I am a very visual person and one of the passions in my life is food, I love it! So when I was envisioning the colors coming from myself I associated them with food - tomatoes, carrots, lemons, green peppers, ocean, blueberries and God (the Supreme Being in my life).
This is a meditation I could enjoy on a regular basis and it is also one I would recommend to everyone (client, family or friend) because it is detailed and there is a step by step process - so for those of us who have wandering minds, the narrator continues to bring you back to the exercise throughout the entire meditation ~ you can't wander off too far.
I have read a lot, taught a bit and incorporated much about breathing techniques and how they can be so beneficial to your overall health, the exhale correlates with our calming, relaxing, releasing ability. I find that many people take short inhales and equally short exhales, which does no good for wellbeing whatsoever. I have mastered the art of long, slow, luxurious exhale - it is a truly beautiful thing!


  1. Catie,
    I wondered about that title as well. I suppose they wanted to catch the attention of the audience. I too love food. I always tell myself that if I majored in journalism and had a sensitive pallet I would have loved to be a food critic. I imagine going to a restaurant and having food prepare specially for me and tasting all it has to offer, the smells that presentation. Everything! That would be blissful.

  2. The Crime of the Century also made no sense to me. I have had a very hard time following this guys voice. As of today...I have no speakers on my computer cause the movers packed them so I am experiencing silence:) I too have found when I am stressed or nervous that if I can control deep breaths in and out and slowly that I can bring my heart rate back down and calm my nerves and tense muscles.

  3. Hello Catie,
    I enjoyed your playlist, the music was relaxing and good for meditation. I could not understand why the relaxation exercise was named "Crime of the Century". However, I did enjoy the exercise and found it to be relaxing to me and valuable to me and I can pass it on to others to help them relax.

  4. Dear Catie,
    Thanks for the music, did you put the play list on your dashboard? That is what I did. When you login to my dashboard you will be able to listen to mine.
    Gina Costello

  5. Great music ideas! Deep long breaths followed by long exhales are great! I use this when I get really stressed or anxious. Its important to release the stressfull thoughts when exhaling.