Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Journey On

I love guided meditation - I find that having someone else in my head telling me to let go and relax is helpful and prompts me to really force my mind to quiet down. This mediation reminded me of when I was little and had a hard time falling asleep I would talk my body into sleeping. I would first tell my feet to go to sleep and then my legs and body and arms and head (of course this was all done slowly and with some sort of methodology), if I was still wide awake I would begin again; only this time I would address smaller parts of my body - toes go to sleep, heels go to sleep, feet go to sleep, ankles go to sleep and on up my body. If by some crazy chance I was still awake after coming to the top of my head I would address each individual toe and finger as I worked my way from foot to head one last time. It was rare that I would make it to 3 rounds but if I did I had the method prepared. The technique in Journey On was very similar for me, in the same respect I was now telling the blood how to travel my body as I would tell my body to go to sleep as a kid.
Our minds are capable of controlling our bodies and they possess a great deal of power. Knowing this fact ~ don't you want to be sure you use your power for Good and not Evil ;)


  1. You were practicing savasana as a kid! Funny... I have found that I was drawn to yogic practices as a child as well, innately...long before I ever knew about yoga.

  2. Hey Catie! Thats awesome that you are a yoga teacher, i am one as well and have practicing for over 10 years. I found it a little weird doing my meditation on the internet, but it worked! that was the strangest part. I am really enjoying this class through Kaplan and it will only help broadened my sense of power within and with others. Talk soon Xj