Friday, February 19, 2010

The Grand Scale...

If I were to rate myself on a scale of 1-10 in the areas of Physical, Spiritual and Psychological Wellbeing that would be a seems to be that these are ever changing states and at any one moment I would change my rating from a 4 to an 8 to a 5 etc. But let's give it a shot, shall we;
Physical Wellbeing : 7 - I try to stay pretty physically active, this includes going to the gym a handful of times weekly, walking my 2 unruly dogs when the mood strikes and weather permits and keeping up with my children. The reason I only rate a 7 is because I am not as committed as I would like to be and I don't push myself to reach new limits physical (I have kind of plateaued and been hanging out on that plateau for about 6 months). I want to start pushing my limits and finding new levels of strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.
Spiritual Wellbeing : 9 - I am very satisfied with my spirituality right now! I have become active in a faith community and volunteer my time with children. I am working my way through the Bible and read it at least once a day (my aim is 3, I usually get 2), praying regularly and gratitude for all the blessings and great things I have been given in life. I find myself smiling at nothing at all and when I catch myself doing it, I smile even bigger because I know there are so many things to smile about.
Psychological Wellbeing : 5 - I am one of those people that is much better at giving good advice than I am at following it. I let the small things bother me and this is super disappointing to me. I feel that I have made great strides in the right direction but then something will set me off and I am stressed out and worked up. The disappointment comes in when I look back on that incident, whatever it may be, and realize "wow, there were so many more positive ways I could have dealt with that". I often remind myself that Perfection is not a realistic goal and I should focus on the Progress I have made.
Goals in these areas would be:
Physical : Schedule my physical activity and stick to a schedule
Spiritual : Pay it forward, I enjoy my reawakened spirituality, spread the wealth and good word
Psychological : Make good use of the relaxation techniques we have access to and use them daily


  1. Pay it Forward what a good yet sad movie. Do you ever feel that the stressors in your psychological wellbeing affect your spiritual wellbeing? I believe in the Lord and I love the Lord however I have found myself questioning him on more than one occasion because of something psychologically traumatic that happened. Like the loss of a child. And that is something that can shake your total wellness to its core.

  2. I really appreciate that you are focusing on progress and not perfection -- awesome attitude and approach to moving forward!

    With that same mindset -- when you consider the times when "something will set me off and I am stressed out and worked up." -> Are you starting to discover that you recognize your stress and response DURING the event instead of after?

    How about even AS it is starting to happen? Your awarness here is an incredible step forward and the means to start making a "choice" to be upset. My wife recently asked me why I was upset about something...that she thought I was working on not letting a particular situation get to me. I responded that I had choosen to be upset/ticked off...and since it was a choice rather than a reaction -- it's ok :-)

    Looking forwrad to hearing more - ncie post!

    Take Care - David

  3. First and foremost, I LOVE your attitude in your spiritual world, that is awesome… I can appreciate your drive when it comes to the gym and stay active, I think your examples of what you do, do are great and would be great motivation for new comers into the health world that just figuring things out. Your attitude about progress and not perfection, I would love to know how you adapted that mentality as I would like to apply it to my life. I think that because you give great advise even if it hard for you to follow, you will be able to help people immensely.

  4. Dear Catie,
    Your doing great. You just can't sweat the small things. For example, I don't, and my husband makes me a mad women. He is very ill, and sees the bad in everything.He wants the children to keep up with their few chores ha ha. They make everything so miserable around here. I have no relaxation, and am tired of living for everyone else. I only want a little peace and know that there is a good reason that god has not answered my prayers for that yet. I am not sure what the reaon is, but I hope he figures it out soon.
    Gina Costello