Thursday, February 11, 2010


When I take a moment to sit and think of all the different hats I have worn in my life and the different characteristics of who I am when wearing each of these different hats the word that comes to mind is 'Incredible'. It is incredible to me that I, a single person, can at any point in time be many things to many people and myself. These last 12 years in particular have been such a huge growth period for me and I couldn't have imagined 10 years ago that I would be where I am today, and would not want to, because I have found that many times the unexpected things that happen in life hold the most wonder and joy.
In 1998 I graduated high school and immediately went to boot camp for the Navy - this was, obviously, a transitional time and I learned what it was like to be an adult, supporting myself in every way and discovering the world for the first time without the safety net of my parents.
In 2001 I started my family and now found myself figuring out how to support my son and meet the needs of another life, one that was dependent upon me for his every need. It wasn't long before my husband and I welcomed our second child into the world (2004), and I was no longer a military person but a full time mom - yet another transition. I have since discovered the path of wellness and with each new learning point on this subject I am grateful to have found it and want to learn more.
Today I am living life to watch as my children discover their worlds. At the same time I continue to discover and grow myself. I have found new ways to celebrate the other relationships in my life as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, classmate, volunteer, etc. and it is truly incredible!


  1. Hi Catie, I love what your saying about "celebrating all my relationships in new ways", I can relate to this completely. From 30-39 has been a period of growth for myself as well and I'm thankful for it. I'm facinated with yoga but I have never tried it, I workout but just never had the opportunity to try this. I'm hoping they have yoga at the Y because I'm joining with my family next week, if you have any pointers for the beginner please share!Great job with your blog!! Peace :) Michele S

  2. Hello Catie,
    That is great to hear how many hats you have worn. You seem to have worn them really well. Being thankful for the life we have is so important. In everything we go through in life it serves a purpose. Stay strong as you continue to wear the many hats in your life.